The family-owned company Pöttinger is a partner you can count on: innovative, dedicated and authentic. With 140 years of experience in design and manufacturing and a modern technology testing centre, Pöttinger products are built to perform and last. The Austrian manufacturer’s specialised product range caters for farmers of all sizes as well as contractors, ensuring that Valtrac is able to provide the right machine for your application.

“Together we can achieve more”

Pöttinger Rakes and Tedders

Pöttinger rotary rakes and tedders provide excellent working quality. Perfect ground tracking and careful handling guarantee quality feed and outstanding productivity. Take a look at the Pöttinger products and see why they are considered the grassland specialists.

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Pöttinger Disc Mowers

Valtrac has selected the disc mowers most suitable for South African conditions from the 53 different models which Pöttinger manufactures.


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