NAMPO product launch: KUHN balers

NAMPO product launch: KUHN balers 

The KUHN brand has long been associated with hay making in South Africa, but the balers have not been available for sale until now. Valtrac has recently been appointed as the sole importer for KUHN’s range of balers which are built in Geldrop, Netherlands.

KUHN balers are dedicated to their purpose; baling without compromises. Field performance, bale quality and bale density are fundamental to the profitability of every baling operation. The unique features and innovations on the KUHN balers make a real difference in field performance. KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of balers available for the market to suit your demands.

Large Square Balers (LSB)

High output is a key success factor for every large square baler. KUHN LSBs feature several unique points that will provide the capacity you require. The ability to consistently produce top quality bales in all conditions with high output and outstanding durability sets KUHN LSBs apart from all the others.

Simple design coupled with efficient techniques like INTEGRAL ROTOR and POWER DENSITY produce rock-hard, perfectly shaped bales. The KUHN LSB can bale hay, silage, straw, lucerne, maize straw and sugar cane trash. Where crop cutting is required, the OMNICUT cutting system will do the job. All main intake functions are protected by cam clutches to provide maximum security and efficiency. After the crop is gathered and pre-compressed in the pre-chamber, the crop is moved upwards into the bale chamber in front of the plunger. The baler is equipped as standard with a double knotting system and stronger driveline to achieve ultimate performance. All machines are ISOBUS compatible. Optional equipment includes a driven crop roller to reach higher capacity in dry bulky swaths and an integrated bale weighing system that provides on-the-go feedback. The KUHN LSB 1270 DX which features 120 x 70cm bale width will be on display at NAMPO this year. The 1290 iD (intelligent-DENSITY) model which is designed to producebales that are up to 25% denser than those made with a conventional large square baler will be available later in the year.

High Performance Integral Rotor

The Integral Rotor, a unique KUHN innovation, which will be standard on LSB and round balers in South Africa, consists of a large diameter rotor with a heavy-duty auger flighting which is integrated directly onto the outer sections of the rotor. This maintenance-free and short distance intake system ensures even feeding regardless of variations in the crop. With this system, even the heaviest of crops are force-fed through the intake, resulting in higher forward speeds for outstanding productivity. Where chopping is not required, Integral Rotor will feed the crop directly into the bale chamber.

Fixed Chamber Round Balers

KUHN fixed chamber round balers are fast, simple and reliable. A fixed size bale of 125 cm in diameter is made. The intake unit is protected by the main PTO clutch. If a blockage occurs the PTO clutch is automatically activated. In addition, the complete cutting floor, including the knives, can be lowered. After the blockage is cleared, the cutting floor can be brought back into the working position. In extreme circumstances KUHN provides double security by rotor disengagement clutch which separates the rotor drive so the bale can be finished.

The simple and efficient twine and/or net balers, with or without knives, will meet your needs.

Together with the Pöttinger mowers, rakes and tedders - which are renowned for their quality and efficiency - the KUHN balers enable Valtrac to provide a comprehensive line of hay and silage making equipment to contractors and discerning farmers.