Semeato Multi-Seeders

Semeato, a Brazilian manufacturer of agricultural machinery is a world-wide pioneer in equipment custom built for zero-tillage. The patented guillotine knife coulter combination is a feature of Semeato planters which cuts through the cover crop and prevents ‘hair pinning’. The SAM 200 is a versatile seed drill which can be used to drill 11 rows of wheat at 17cm spacing or as a large seed planter with 5 rows at 400mm spacing. All Semeato planters come standard with an additional fine seed box which is ideal for reseeding pastures. This makes it ideal for the small farmer. The SHM and SSM range cater for medium to large farmers with the same versatility, allowing the farmer to purchase only one planter for all his crop rotation needs. For example: the SSM 33 can plant 33 rows of wheat; 15 rows of soya or 8 rows of mielies.

Semeato SSM 27 row no-till seed drill planting a cover crop into maize stubble - Delmas 2012


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