Valtrac has selected a range a tillage equipment from the best in the world to suit South African conditions. Tatu disc harrows and sub-soil rippers (Ast-matic) have stood the test of time, with many running for over a decade in South Africa. The patented oil bath bearings are legendary for their durability and strength. The frames are ruggedly built and practically indestructable.

For farmers wanting a more modern approach with minimal tillage in mind or requiring a neatly prepared seed bed in a single pass - the Pöttinger terradiscs have been added to the range. This Austrian product range is well engineered for longevity, easy of maintenance and practical road transport.

Greggoire-Besson's French manufactured ploughs and disc harrows are available on request. A number of different configutrations and options are available to best suit the needs of farmers with specific requirements.